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Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Mine damer og Herrer, kommer Metal Messias til dere!

 Well yesterday’s post got seven views so far. At least somebody is paying attention. So far I’ve been using my 10.5 inch seventh generation iPad and Magic Keyboard. It’s a great little device and as I may have stated earlier it baptised me into the Apple ecosystem. But it’s sort of like typing on a toy because its so puny. I suppose I have to bite the bullet and get a 24 inch M1 iMac if I am to get anywhere in life.

Apple should sponsor me.

I was ripped off for $CDN180.00 today. But when you’ve lost as much money as I have you don’t sweat the small stuff. Purchased www.johnpaulyoung.org. The goal is to get a Wordpress website up and get back in the game.

It’s hard to believe that I have been in Halifax Nova Scotia for coming up ten years. Living in relative obscurity. It’s been nice and peaceful in comparison to the last ten bullshit years circa 2002-2012 that I spent in my hometown of Toronto, Ontario. I spend 50 per cent of my time at my bachelor pad and the rest  of my time with the true love of my life, a little dog named Emmy Lou.

(Okay about a week has gone by folks and I begin again.)

 I believe the title of this post is in Norwegian, and comes from the sub-titles to a frame from the 1978 film Metal Messiah. It was the first feature film by my friend Director Tibor Takacs. Tibor produced the Cardboard brains 1977 White Ep and the 1979 Cardboard Brains Black EP. Tibor also directed one of the last films that I have done Killer Rats with Ron Perlman.

I am  going to stop deleting things. The original post from this blog I deleted, along with a post about being in the 1992 LA riot. I can’t remember if the original post detailed my 2002 kidnapping on Yorkville Avenue or not. So I must re-write and re-post.