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Saturday, July 09, 2022


Propaganda is typically misleading or biased in nature. However in this blog I will relate the world in my eyes, and I will post only what I know or hold to be true. As Tony Montana wisely stated in Scarface (1983), “I always tell the truth, even when I lie.”.

So far this blog has been experimental. I am becoming accustomed to the nuances of Blogger, and the bots and crawlers that sniff keywords have discovered it. It’s now recognisable to Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go search engines as ermiescub.com and I am glad. I still have some way to go.

I will try to post everyday in the future. I must overcome the lethargy  and inertia that has enveloped me for years and exact some discipline on my mind and body.

Further expect this blog to become more structured. I will write less with an attitude of just blurting out anything and I will write more with a view to actually making some kind of point.

Maybe this blog will be my ticket to ride and save me from the powerful discontent I feel from essentially doing nothing. They say there’s things happening here in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada but the Canadian JPY has yet to burrow into some kind of scene. Yes there’s films that happen in Halifax but I have yet to go through the drill of compiling a new résumé, getting a headshots, and getting a new agent. The idea of putting together a voice reel seems overwhelming although I should have one, should have all of these things. It’s not like I’m new at the game.

And I’m embarrassed of the fact that I am not really a member of ACTRA (Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists) currently. I went off the grid between and went into seclusion after the release of Peter Mettler’s Gods, Gambling and LSD (2002). For some reason I was foolish  enough to stop paying my dues and I became under suspension. I have years of residual cheques coming to me. It’s still not an overwhelming amount of cash money to speak of but still its reflective how I was so in seclusion I didn’t even collect my cheques. Still haven’t. That and an agent are on my never get around to it TO DO list. I think I ceased being a card carrying member of ACTRA sometime after 2005. Things between 2002 and 2012 (my tribulation period)are a blur. I don’t relish of telling agents I was, and am not, but will be a member of ACTRA. But eventually I will bite the bullet. Perhaps they could simply follow the blog and I wont wind up explaining the almost unexplainable, not to mention unbelievable story of how and why I essentially disappeared from traditional view.
And I’m not doing music. At days away from 66 I’m on a meagrely  pension and I live a modest existence.
From 2018 to 2020 I had the position of School Crossing Guard, on the payroll of the Halifax Regional Police and working for the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM). I liked it actually. Not the attention and accolades I was used to but I was protecting children (and adults), people relied on me and received some extra cash. It gave me a routine and that something I never had. At one point. during those two years I actually felt happy normal and content. Sort of a rush all things considered.

But now my body feels so wracked and ruined I feel I can’t even do that. Neither do I want to. I burned out on that methinks.

No haven’t been doing much and I am desperately seeking answers and solutions.

And so I blog.