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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

A New Day Has Dawned

I like the idea of reinventing oneself. Having lived in the depths of despair and adversity for so long, I need to believe that I can break free of my affliction and bondage and to prosper. There is a flickering light in my very soul that says I can despite my age and infirmities embrace happiness, health and self actualisation.

A New Day Has Dawned. I just like the sound of it.

I feel sick today. I don’t know what it is but there is an uneasiness in my gut. In conjunction my mind was in the turmoil that has haunted me for at least twenty years. Perhaps optimism is a delusion, but I relentlessly pursue happiness. Not to say that I achieve it, but nevertheless I hunger for and pursue it.

Murder Mayhem Madness. An audacious title and I chuckle inside at the reaction it gets, but nevertheless it holds true as an apt title of my tentative memoirs. It’s sensational but true.

Killer Rats is a film that I did in Bulgaria with Ron Perlman.

Okay. I worked for International X-ray Company limited from at least 1969 to 2002. And I did a lot of other things. I am best known as lead singer of my band Cardboard Brains and being award winning recording artist of the album “The Life of Ermie Scub”. So lets get into that.
Here’s my discography:
Cardboard Brains “The White EP” 1977 (Brainco Worldwide)
Cardboard Brains “The Last Pogo” 1978 (BOMB records)
Cardboard Brains “The Black EP” 1979 (Guilt Records)
John Paul Young  “The Life of Ermie Scub” 1980 (Canadian Media Development Company) LP 
John Paul Young “Out Time Escapes”/“Fire Incensed As In Rage” 7 inch 1980.
John Paul Young and Cardboard Brains “Live at The Edge” (CMDC)1981 LP
John Paul Young and Cardboard Brains Compilation CD with added track “World Within a Dream” 1998. (MEG Entertainment).
Cardboard Brains “The White EP” fan re-issue ?
1982 CASBY Award winner, Most Promising Recording Artist.

 So I continue to blog. So far its been therapeutic. My spirits are up and that’s a good thing. You would be amazed at what I can accomplish when I feel good.

One of the highlights of my career was backing up one of my favourite bands of all time: The Stranglers. It was during the Feline tour. I thought I would be crucified at Barrymore’s in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I had witnessed supporting acts suffer an unruly audience waiting for The Stranglers, and I had heard stories. As lead singer I was always the focal point of aggression and I thought I would be intimidated. But it was great.

And it was just three of us. Vince Carlucci on guitar and synth, Pauline Groen on synth bass and PolyMoog and me out front on vocals. And no drummer just a LinnDrum. We actually received an encore. Or two, I don’t recall.

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Anonymous said...

Bitter truth is better than a sweet lie.

Don’t underestimate the power of truth. There’s nothing more powerful.

Now, in order to speak what you might regard as the truth, you have to let go of the outcome. You have to think “Alright, I’m going to say what I think. Stupid as I am, biased as I am, ignorant as I am, I’m going to state what I think as clearly as I can, and I’m going to live with the consequences no matter what they are”. You might have to pay a price for that, but that’s fine. You are going to pay a price for every bloody thing you do and everything you don’t do.

You don’t get to choose to not pay a price. You get to choose which poison your going to take. That’s it! It’s a balance of risks. It’s like you want to pay the price for being who you are and stating your mode of being in the world. Or do you want to pay the price for being a bloody serf, one that’s enslaved him or herself? Well, that’s a major price, man!

That thing unfolds over decades and you’ll just be a miserable worm at the end of about 20 years of that, right? No self-respect, no power, no ability to voice your opinions, nothing left but resentment because everyone’s against you. Because, of course, you’ve never stood up for yourself.

Say what you think carefully. Pay attention to your words. It’s a price you want to pay if you’re willing to believe that truth is the cornerstone of society. And in the most real sense, if you’re willing to take that leap, then tell the truth and see what happens. And nothing better could possibly happen to you. There’ll be ups and downs and there will be push back and there will be controversy and all of that. The truth is what redeems the world from hell.

~ Jordan Peterson.