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Saturday, November 25, 2023

My Hunter Biden Impression and Today’s Blog Post…


@5:30 in the morning there’s no time to get a slick self-portrait together.

Spent the morning so far annoying people I know by inundating them with screen shots of things I find interesting or amusing.Going to post this on Facebook also in at shameless act of self-promotion.

I’ve had Facebook since I believe 2009. Reflections of my life: I can remember what I was doing by certain mnemonic guideposts. For instance 2009 is the year Michael Jackson died. I was living in London, Ontario. It was summertime and I was shuffling around the streets of downtown London and I looked at a newspaper box and the cover of the paper showed simply a single still glove.

It always hits me when certain notable figures die. I still can’t believe the death of Prince…especially by way of fentanyl. I was led to believe he was clean as a whistle.

Two things I can’t deal with in 2023 are death and love. I mean I certainly do deal with them, I had to by default, but in my own way i have acquired and that is to remain absolutely stoic. A woman I’ve known for several years sat me down and said: “ I’m going to tell you something and you don’t have to say anything. I love you.” 

And so I said nothing. Later heard she was somehow hurt and offended. I was glad to be off the hook and say nothing. Stoic. I’ve become stoic. 

Ten years ago in 2013 after just migrating here to Halifax I was diagnosed with prostrate cancer. I had surgery, and while after the surgery they stapled me up. While lying in bed one night healing, I sneezed so hard all the staples ripped out of my side. The pain was transcendant but I could do nothing. But I needed help…something had to be done. So I stumbled downstairs to the concierge downstairs where I live. I looked at the staff and they looked at me as it to say: “Yes?”

I simply lifted up my sweater to show the hideous wound gaping blood where the staples once were. So then it was off to the hospital. As I lie on the bed the resident knew the pain I was in. Years ago I would have quasi-malingered for some sweet pain killer but this night i did not care. As I lay there bathed in blood the doctor observed and said one thing:”STOIC.”

I guess this death and love theme is sort of depressing but I don’t intend it to be.  Generally speaking I’m pretty happy.

2009. I had a small apartment in downtown London.I don’t remember much but smoking a lot. Someone gave me an old and decrepit IBM 386 that I stacked on a milk crate. That is when I opened my first Facebook account during the summer that Michael Jackson died.

(Ill post this to blogger and to facebook and come back to pen more, embellish and edit)

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